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Gone are the studio shots, the white backgrounds, the high contrast shots, the dogs wearing sunglasses. Venture does it, so does almost every other photography studio.

I want to give you something different, something personal, something classy and comtemporary. We'll spend a couple of hours at your home, a local beauty spot or a place close to your heart. The photographs will be completely natural, different, personal and you wont be stuck in a stuffy studio.

Beautiful relaxed natural light portraits of you and your family enjoying the great outdoors - we'll explore, we'll have fun, we'll get wet and very dirty!

Stunning location portraits coupled with my range of beautiful hand made frames, high-end acrylics and storybooks will ensure beautiful memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Location shoots start from £195 for a minimum of 2 hours. Subsequent hours will be charged at £95 per hour.

My location portrait gallery is available through my blog here.

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